Rules of the Büsum Carnival Club of 1958 e.V.
As of May 2019


The Rules of Procedure § 7 para. 10 of the statutes regulates the tasks of the individual organs of the Büsum Carnival Association of 1958 e.V. -Sitz Büsum, Rügendamm 33- subordinate to the statutes, as far as they are not already laid down in the statute.

1. Tasks of the board

1.1 Tasks of the President

a) The President is responsible for the interests of the Association. He / she will carry out the correspondence with and against third parties. For discharge, he / she can delegate individual tasks to the members of the board or to individual members of the committees, as far as they are not opposed to the interests of the association.
b) The President prepares and directs Board meetings with and without specialized committees.
c) He / she draws up the annual budget with the treasurer and agrees this with the board.
d) He / She draws up the annual report of the Management Board and submits it to the Annual General Meeting.
e) He / she records all payment documents after verification.
f) He / she leads the events for which the association is responsible.
g) He / She will, if necessary, inform all members of the board, the members of the association and the specialist committees about special features and changes in the association through board announcements.
h) The President is not allowed to withdraw an amount from the club account which is greater than € 150, -. If there is a higher amount, all members of the Executive Board must always be informed and a vote must be taken on the withdrawal. Should members of the Executive Committee, for whatever reason, resign and the President appoint acting persons to the Executive Board, he / she may in this case not withdraw any amount greater than € 150 from the association's account. This requires the consent of the members, stating the reasons for which the money is needed, e.g. at the annual general meeting or at an extraordinary general meeting with a majority of the present members.

1.2 Tasks of the Vice-President
a) He / she represents the President in all his or her interests in accordance with point 1.1
b) He / she represents the association to the outside
c) He / She informs the President of incidents of any kind.
d) He / She promotes cohesion between the committees and the board. In the event of disagreements between expert committees and the Executive Board, he / she should be neutral in value and have a compensatory effect.
e) Resolutions of the Executive Board concerning the interests of the expert committees are to be communicated to the latter in an appropriate form.

1.3 Tasks of the Treasurer

a) The treasurer will handle the entire payment transaction of the association after consultation with the president.
b) All claims should be paid with discount if possible.
c) He / she ensures the punctual payment of membership fees by the members.
d) He / she endeavors to form earmarked reserves.
e) He / she manages the assets of the association.
f) The records of the bookkeeping must be available at any time, by appointment, for the auditors and for the President.
g) He / she draws up the budget for the respective financial year with the President, submits it to the General Meeting after consultation with the Executive Board and explains it.
h) He / She will prepare the cash report and submit it to the general meeting for approval after examination by the auditors.
i) He / she keeps a list of awarded gifts of the association.
j) He / She keeps a record of the assets of the association.

1.4 Tasks of the secretary

a) The / the secretary does the correspondence of the association according to instructions of the board.
b) He / She draws up minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors with and without specialist committees and the Annual General Meeting. These will be read or approved at subsequent meetings of the relevant institutions. Changes and additions can be made at the appropriate meetings.
c) He / She draws up all written documents for the Annual General Meeting.
d) He / she creates and manages any chronicles created.
e) He / she leads and updates the membership list of the association, which can be handed over to the members at the general meeting.

1.5 Dress Code Ornate Straps
The regalia of the Elferrats members consists of: Fool cap, Dinnerjacket red, Tuxedo shirt white with normal collar, black bow tie, tuxedo trousers black, socks black, shoes black, BKV-Elferratsorden underneath the bow tie, other orders such as house order of the company pp. at will.

2. Technical committees General:

In order to make the work of the association more effective, specialist committees can be used. 6 para. 6 of the Articles of Association by the Executive Board. Short ways to the Executive Board are required so that resolutions of the Executive Board or the Annual General Meeting can be implemented immediately by the committees. To this end, board members are appointed coordinators. They are the link between the individual committees and the board. They are authorized to give instructions to the committees.

3. Committees

3.1 Public / Press - Committee

Create articles for the newspaper and send them to the newspaper. Speaks with representatives of the press and gives enough time before an event the dates to the press. 3.2 Committee "De Bütt"

Collects contributions for the association organ "BKV-Zeitung" - is responsible for the outfit of the BKV-newspaper - demands articles and contributions from the committees / board - places the ads of companies in effective places in the newspaper - creates the newspaper - is responsible for the timely publication at the beginning of the session. 3.3 Internet Manager

Creates and maintains the homepage of the association - ensures a constantly updated state - the setting of events, information and appointments of the association have priority over all other information - the information must be brief and yet understandable - the homepage is the figurehead of the association.

3.4 Youth Leader

Coordinates the youth work in the association, keeps in touch with the youth associations in the districts and cities - works together with the youth leadership of the North German Karnevel.

4. Data Protection Regulation

The data protection regulation is treated separately

The above rules of procedure enter into force in accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of 02 June 2019 on 02.06.2019.

Copy and translation of the articles of the association in English without guarantee - articles of association in current validity (only in German) available at the managing board.