Contribution Statement of the Büsumer Karnevalsverein 1958 e.V.
According to § 3 [2] of its association statute raises the association contributions. These are governed by the following contribution charter, adopted on 14.06.2015. It will come into effect from the financial year 2015/16, ie from 01.04.2015.

§ 1 - Membership and contribution obligation

Members of the Büsum Carnival Club of 1958 e.V. can become natural and legal persons. The obligation to contribute arises from the confirmation of the application for admission by the Executive Board. The business year of the association goes from 01.04. one year until 31.03. of the following year. If you join the club until 31.12. one year, the full annual fee is due; for entry from 01.01. one year, the membership fee is only from 01.04. of the current year. The membership and thus also the contribution obligation ends:

1. by death or - in the case of legal persons - by dissolution
2. by leaving
3. by exclusion
4. by deletion in the membership list

Resignation from the association takes place by means of a written declaration to the Executive Board with a notice period of 3 months to the end of the financial year. The exclusion is possible only for good cause with and without observing a deadline by the decision of the Board. An objection may be filed against the decision of the board within a period of 1 month after receipt of the disclaimer. Until the decision by the general meeting the rights of the member are suspended. The deletion from the list of members is carried out by the executive committee. It can take place if the member is in arrears with the membership fee for more than 3 months and has not settled the arrears within 2 weeks despite a written reminder. In the reminder, the member must be informed of the imminent deletion from the list of members.

§ 2 - membership fees

1. active members over 18 years pay € 25,00 per year
2. passive members from 18 years and legal entities pay per year
including 1 card for the ceremonial or children's session € 35,00
3. Pupils, students, apprentices pay per year,
whether active or passive € 10,00
4. Family memberships (living in a household)
a) pay active per year € 50,00
b) passively pay € 70,00 per year
Changes in marital status, e.g. No longer live in the household
Parents are to be reported immediately to the board.
5. Honorary members are non-contributory but not their relatives

§ 3 - Voting right

Only the active members over the age of 18 are entitled to vote in the annual general meeting

§ 4 - Direct debit authorization

The members issue a direct debit authorization (see application form). Changes to the bank account details must be communicated to the board immediately. If fees arise for the return of this notification in the event of a refund, the Member shall bear such costs. The same applies to chargebacks due to lack of cover. The deduction of the annual subscription is always in the 2nd week of April; intermediate accessions promptly after confirmation by the board

§ 5 - Membership of minors

The legal representatives of minors are referred to the special liability provisions in accordance with the Civil Code

§ 6 - Address changes

Each member undertakes to immediately notify changes to the address to the board, so that unnecessary postage costs incurred and appointments may not be known in time.

Copy and translation of the articles of the association in English without guarantee - articles of association in current validity (only in German) available at the managing board.